10% Deposit Bonus Promo #2

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Hello everyone,

10% Deposit Bonus Promo #2 will be given to members who will deposit via Payeer, Bitcoin and Perfect Money.
Deposit Promo bonus added to the member’s Purchase Balance for payments from Purchase Balance.
The bonus is not added for e.g. purchase of Upgrade from payment processors and for transfer from the Account Balance to the Purchase Balance.
The bonus is credited automatically. You don't have to report it.
The deposit via payment gateways is credited on purchase balance and bonus too.
For example, you added $100 deposit via PM, and your purchase balance increase instantly $100 + 10 bonus dollar.
Use this offer to rent RR, buy DR, advertise or other things you are planning for.
This Deposit Promo Offer will run for 10 days only.

Best Regards,
TouchBux Admin
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