What is TouchBux?
TouchBux is a mobile friendly advertiser's service.

How do I earn money?
First you need register an account, it is totally free. Then login to your account and start earning by viewing advertisements that are displayed in View Ads page.
Also you can earn money by AdGrid game. Depending on your membership, your chances of winning are much higher. 
Upgrade opportunity with Rented & Direct referrals allows increase your daily income.
More ways to earn soon.

How much will I earn with direct referrals?
For all memberships your earnings depends on the type of advertising:

Ads type You click Refs Click
Fixed Ads $0.001 $0.0005
Extended $0.01 $0.005
Standard $0.005 $0.0025
Mini Ads $0.002 $0.001
Micro Ads $0.001 $0.0005
Extra Ads $0.0001 $0.0

For Daily Ads, cost per click up to $0.10 depending on membership without referral commission.

When and how will I get paid?
You can request payment when you reach $3 in your Account Balance. 
Payments will be processed within 3 business day (usually 4-24 hours).

How to upgrade account?
You can upgrade account only through payment gateways on Upgrade Account page.

Can I change my upline?
No, you can not change your upline.

How much is the rental and renew price?
The rental price for each referral per month is:

Referrals Monthly AutoPay
0 -> 2000 $0.20 $0.0060

The renew price is always based on the rental prices shown above and you can benefit 
from the following discounts depending on the renewal period you choose:

AutoPay 10%
15 days 0%
30 days 5%
60 days 10%
90 days 18%
150 days 25%
240 days 30%

What is AutoRenew?
This is option of automatic renewal of referrals. While activating this option, the user chooses a number of days that must pass until referral expires, and period for which it will be extended.
For example, Member has a single referral that expires in 30 days. Member activated AutoRenew option with the following settings: 30 days until expiration and extension for 60 days. In this case, while AutoRenew option is active (once per 24 hours), the referral will be extended by another 60 days, as when AutoRenew function was active the validity of referral reached AutoRenew days value. The cost of automatic renewal is same as of manual mode.

What is AutoPay?
If you have AutoPay enabled, on the first click a referral makes per day, you'll pay to keep that referral for an extra day. You will save 10% of a whole month's rent. If the referral does not click, you won't pay for another day.
The value for each referral/day will be deducted directly from that referral earning. For example, if a referral click 4 ads and you earn $0.02 from that clicks and you have AutoPay enabled, you will earn $0.02 minus (0.2/30)*0.9 (because you get 10% discount) and you can keep the referral for an extra day.
Please keep in mind that while you may have AutoPay enabled, it's only triggered for referrals that have 20 or more days left until the next payment. This value is smaller for Premium and Ultra memberships.
AutoPay, during its operation, tries to take resources from the Purchase Balance account, and if the user does not have sufficient funds, then the system tries to take the resources from the Account Balance. If this account also does not offer sufficient funds, AutoPay will not work.

Can I top-up Purchases balance from Account balance?
Yes. The minimum transfer amount is $0.5

Why right after registration I see my avatar on dashboard?
TouchBux uses globally recognized avatar technology - Gravatar
It is likely that you have already linked your avatar to your registration email address earlier.

I have a question, but no answer here. What to do?
Contact Support and get an answer. You can also ask our experienced members at the forum.

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